A Natal Chart reading is a finger print of who we are,  our strengths and characteristics. An Astrology consultation may help guide and give insight to the weather in the heavens. We might not be able to change the planetary weather, although we can be ready and prepared to navigate the great opportunities that come our way, and also side-step challenging times.  Having knowledge of the patterns and cycles of the planets, may give us an advantage, and make life hopefully a little easier.        Janie Schumann


“Astrology is firstly a discipline of the mind, a technique for the development of holistic thinking. The study of cyclic patterns of astrology places the mind in the habit of constantly perceiving things as wholes, rather than as unrelated parts. An understanding of astrology makes the mind aware that what is happening at any given moment is just one point of an entire cycle of complex and intricate relationships. It gives one objective awareness of the unity of all things, the conscious realization that all things are some way intimately related to everything else”

— Michael Meyer, “A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer “


“The planets are the living, moving and breathing archetypes in a chart. They are the actors in our inner play, and they continue to act out as long as we are alive. We can become any one of these characters at certain moments in time. They can completely take over our personality.”

— Laurence Hillman


“As an example, the air signs live in the abstract realm of thought, and a thought for them is just as real (indeed more real as evidenced from the behavior) as any material object. The water signs live in their feelings, and it is their emotional state that determines their behavior more than anything else.  The fire signs live in a state of highly excited, inspired activity: and maintaining that state of being is crucial for the fire signs to stay healthy and happy.  The earth signs are grounded in the material world. The material world and its considerations for survival and production are consider much more real than other aspects of life”

— Stephen Arroyo

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