As we walk this path in this strange time we are living in, there are a few things we can do to strengthen our immune system.   As always hydration is so very important, flush those toxins out!  The guide is 1 oz of water to half your body weight, so 120 pounds 60 oz of clear water a day. That is pure H2O.  That does not include tea or coffee.  They are diuretics and pull water out of your system.  Start slow if you haven’t been hydrating properly and work your way up.  I drink 40 to 60 oz a day.  The more H2O I drink the less inflammation I have. Also make sure you are are taking minerals such as Magnesium, Sea Salt and Zinc. Vitamin D3 is also valuable along with Vitamin A.  Vitamin C is another I would add to this list, about 1000 mg a day is what I am taking at this time.

Fresh organic vegetables and fruits will boost your system, leafy greens, cauliflower, broccoli and mushrooms. As far as fruit organic berries, apples and pears are a great way to go.  I do feel protein is most important like fish, chicken, eggs and a little grass fed beef is OK. But remember 2/3 vegetables , 1/3 meat. We really don’t need meat every meal or even daily, 3 to 4 times a week will do.  Remember food is medicine and pay it forward with as much organic food as you can afford.

Our thoughts and fears can really be a cause of great stress and break down our immune system too.  Instead of worrying about what might show up or go wrong, use your time creating a picture and outcome of what you WANT to show up. Every night before you go to sleep, create a picture of the following day and how you want it to play out. Feel it!  Upon arising in the morning pick 3 things you are grateful for as simple as clean water to drink or clean my body with daily, a roof over my head, my children and family, friends, my car, my garden or my AC…… whatever makes you feel good.  The more we give gratitude for, the more peace we will have and more joy will come our way. Thoughts do take form!

We are all humans trying the best we know how, so if we encounter an angry person on our path remember they might have just lost a loved one or lost their home.  Compassion and patience of others is so needed at this moment in time.

Everyone has their own road map they are walking and I certainly don’t know what their life path is……..with a little understanding and kindness we might be able to shift a bad day for someone else to bring some hope for a better tomorrow.

And of course a little exercise is also must….a walk around the block, hand weights, jump rope or just putting on some of your favorite tunes and dancing around the house. You don’t have to go to a gym to stay in shape.

So with the proper supplements that work for you, hydrating, good clean food, positive state of mind and some exercise we can build up our immune system to help us stay well.

Also remember to wash your hand often.